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Who We Are

Zyrex Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Zyrex is located in Pune, India, and is actively involved in the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and export of active pharmaceutical ingredients, finished formulations, and medical devices.

Year of Experience

With two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our expertise surpasses the established benchmarks in the field.

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Presence in Countries

As a prominent and well-regarded manufacturer and exporter, we have a presence in over 25 countries.

Welcome to our comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products, where we specialize in manufacturing, distributing, and exporting a diverse array of essential healthcare solutions. Our product segments cater to various needs within the pharmaceutical industry:

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s): Being a prominent API exporter, supplier, distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler, and trader, Zyrex operates from India. We have boasted an extensive distribution network to deliver top-quality pharmaceutical ingredients globally.

Finished Formulations: Explore our pharmaceutical formulations, where we serve as an exporter, supplier, and manufacturer of both branded and generic products. Adhering strictly to quality standards, we also offer private labelling/ contract manufacturing services to meet specific client’s requirement.

Named Patient Programmes/ Orphan Drugs: Leveraging years of expertise, we specialize in the distribution and supply of medicines for named patient programs and orphan drugs, contributing to the treatment of rare conditions.

Veterinary Products: Beyond human healthcare, Zyrex holds a prominent position as a distributor and exporter of veterinary products. As a certified company, we offer private label veterinary medicine contract manufacturing services at competitive prices. Choose from our diverse range of veterinary medicine options designed for the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases.

Hospital Care Products: Experience in the top-notch certified private label contract manufacturing for all your hospital care products in India. Zyrex takes immense pride in exporting, manufacturing and supplying a high-quality certified range of hospital care products, ensuring the best in healthcare solutions.

Why Choose Us

We are integrated pharmaceutical company with a strong portfolio of Niche formulations.

Zyrex true to its name, literally represents honesty, trust, consistency and leadership in every sense. Being young and agile with assertiveness to be a leader in pharmaceutical Industry.

Our Vision

To be a professional Global Pharmaceutical Company, Most admired for its affordability, Quality & Accessibility of Products. To deliver the next generation of pharmaceutical products to patients, thus eradicating the disease permanently from the face of the earth.

Our Mission

At Zyrex, our mission is to contribute to global healthcare by providing pharmaceutical solutions of the highest standards. We are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of individuals worldwide through the development, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products that meet or exceed international quality standards.

Our Values

Team at Zyrex shares core values which represents
our promise to our stakeholders.


Customer Focus

Respect and Care





Passion for Excellence

Our Products

Zyrex is established to cater various pharmaceutical
needs across the world.


Manufacturers of APIs and intermediate and speciality chemicals.


Manufacturers & Exporters of Finished Formulation.

Named Patient Programmes / Orphan Drugs

Manufacturers & Exporters of Named Patient Programmes & Orphan Drugs.


Manufacturers & Exporters of Veterinary Products.

Hospital Care Products

Manufacturers & Exporters of Hospital Care Products.

We Work Seamlessly With Our Clients For The Long-term

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